Rescue at Mistfang Island

Tales of Fate: Melikath's Reveries

Bloody Waters: Of Honor and Actions

Lifting his spear point from the neck of his defeated opponent, Melikath stood up straight. An imposing mountain compromised of the natural armors and weapons of his homeland, the Goliath appeared immensely out of place on board this magical ship in the middle of the sea.

Wearily eying the defeated opponent, his thoughts traced back through the battle, wondering if there had been any hint of cowardice in his opponent that would have led to such a display blubbering, dishonorable cowardice upon defeat. While the attack had come at night and caught them by surprise, only a fool would ignore one’s own strengths in battle. This was especially true of trespassers, as these creatures seemed to consider us. He himself had led parties that did nothing more than use the strength of the mountains to cause landslides to bury invaders of his tribal lands in early graves while remaining entirely unseen. Ones home, duty, and honor demands taking no risks in escapes and inevitable rumors or revenge that would follow.

Nor was there any sign of cowardice in the battle. With their leader trapped on board with the wall of thorns blocking escape, his tribe had rushed to his defense even if only to be struck down or thrown off board. Turning to the prow of the ship, he considered whether the creature avoided his honorable death due to simple fear or if it was telling the truth of simple concern for his now leaderless tribe. Grunting with surprise at how alien even the sunsets were on the open sea compared to those he had grown up with, he realized how little it mattered and that he hoped his opponent regained his honor through leadership of his tribe. It was a gift given through the mercy of him and his companions, one that should not go to waste.

Turning to heed the captain as he came out and demanded they repair the damage that had been done, Melikath paused as he surveyed the group and their reactions after the battle. While he trusted them simply because they were a part of the guild, the actions of the Tesia and Adira baffled his understanding of nature and power; so much as to bring their motivations into question at times. Setting himself to the task of fixing up the left side ship where he had fought, he smiled and ignored the captain’s outrage at his calling it the left side. Meanwhile, he resolved to go hunting as soon as time allowed on land. Nothing created companionship and understanding between individuals like a meal provided and prepared by one’s own sweat and blood.


Slade PaintyFaced

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