Tiefling, Warlock

Build: Scourge Warlock

Eldritch Blast: Eldritch Blast Constitution

Eldritch Pact: Infernal Pact

Background: Akanûl


Str 10

Con 18

Dex 10

Int 16

Wis 10

Cha 16

AC: 15 Fort: 15 Reflex: 16 Will: 16

HP: 50 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 12


Bluff +12

History +10

Arcana +12

Intimidate +10


Level 1: Improved Dark One’s Blessing

Level 2: Sacrifice to Caiphon

Level 4: Vengeful Curse


Warlock encounter 1: Diabolic Grasp

Warlock daily 1: Tyranny of Flame

Warlock utility 2: Spider Scuttle

Warlock encounter 3: Fiery Bolt

Warlock daily 5: Hunger of Hadar

My earliest memories are of Sargas. He took me in as a child, after my parents died. He was not a kind man. Stern and occasionally cruel, but he taught me what was important in life. Under his tutelage, I learned the importance of self-reliance. I learned the nature of power. And I learned the price of carelessness.

Sargas had long ago abandoned his soul for the sake of his craft, and it was expected that I do likewise. In any road to power there is sacrifice, and magic is no different. Even at a young age, Sargas would set me alone within a magic circle and summon the nine hells before me. I gazed into an abyss few could imagine. I felt it cruel at the time, but with his guidance I now command the very flames and horrors I once shied away from. I progressed along this path, growing increasingly capable as the years passed.

At the age of 23 (to my nearest estimation), I stumbled upon Sargas’ journals. It seems some years earlier, he was in conflict with two Knights of Bahamut; an unconventional pairing of a human and a tiefling, both devoted to the Platinum Dragon. One evening, in the spring, these knights launched an assault on his manor. Bursting headlong through the entrance and shouting about laws and justice, came the human. Sargas was waiting and, by his own account, “felled him with minimal resistance.” The tiefling woman came in after and was quickly bathed in flames. Lying on the floor, crippled and disfigured by Sargas’ attack, the woman pleaded with him to spare her. She told him of her daughter in the village, and begged to go back to her. He dispatched the knight, and proceeded to the village to claim the child, whom he would raise as his own.

I did not remember my parents, and I did not forgive Sargas for taking them. Night had already come, and the old warlock lay sleeping in the chamber above me. I crossed quickly from the stairs and slipped quietly into the room. Drawing on all the lessons he had taught me and all of the terrors he had subjected me to, I summoned a nightmare of flame and death. He awoke screaming and I only pressed on, heedless of my own wellbeing. When it was over I came away weakened and injured, but my lust for revenge sated.

I had spent my life knowing only the voice of my teacher. Now unbound and unfettered, I would seek my own path. I will find a way to greater power, and I will find those who can help me attain it. Even Sargas could not stand before me, and neither shall anything else.


Rescue at Mistfang Island Slade jhevlin