Protector of the deserving


Standing in the corner of the guild hall of Lucrative Justice, Melikath leans into the corner with his spear, Skytooth, held infront of him. While the hall itself is cool, anyone looking his way would be hard pressed to make out the details of the 7’8” Goliath. He seems to have concentrated the heat wave into a tangible thing that he carries with him that shimmers in the air just as his cloak always seems to move with a hot, unseen air.

Fidgeting, he notes to himself that he still feels more confined wearing regular trousers and an airy shirt indoors than he would in his full armor if he was home. If he was… but no, that life is no more. Still, he barely listens to Borio speaking, already knowing he would help anyone the guild has deemed worthy of assistance though he has barely spent three span here.

Rather, he allows his thoughts to drift again, knowing that with the pain of remembering will start the furnace of retribution that has driven him over the past month and a half, the one thing that has given him assurance that he has a place in this foreign world of Autumn’s Deep until he finds his place within Justice.

He sees himself returning to the village with the two others of his hunting party – his most trusted aids and closest friends – an orc named Gruth and half giant half goliath Trundar. Following the traditions of the tribe, the three firstborn sons of the leader of each race had been companions since birth and done everything from learn to fight together to marry the brides they were promised to at birth together. They returned from the hunt empty handed, too preoccupied with the real reason they left the tribe’s land – to discuss the first dragon sighting on this part of Southern Skelkor for over 50 years. The last had been a small drake slain with the tribes horde of dragon amber it kept.The drake, slain by their fathers, had provided the scales for the armor each of the three currently wore. Such a sight as the dragon boded ill for the peace the remote tribe enjoyed, even if they still had a horde of dragon amber stored solely for the purpose of preventing the relic they were charged with guarding since their original tribe had split when learning of the return of a relic twin to the one they already guarded when Abier returned to this world.

Thus, when they saw a dark smoke in the direction of their tribe, they wasted no words with each other but unleashed a trio of shouts to make the ground shake, vaulted and tore over the rocky terrain to reach the strand of homes. There they found the bodies of their tribe, dead. The bodies had partially congealed blood from their eyes, ears, and mouth – pale but otherwise untouched. The smoke coming from a small fire where its tender had fallen in upon death and the fire spread to the dead owner’s hut. Having found their families in this condition, the three descended upon the cave were the guaded dragon amber and relic were kept together, each with his gut twisted inĀ  fear that all had been lost. There the found the corpses of those that had been on watch, the only corpses any different as it appeared they had been unafflicted by whatever struck the rest of the town, fought, and been thrown two hundred feet into the cave where their bodies broke upon stone. Mysteriously, no other trace remained of any evidence, nor did the horde of dragon amber nor the relic.

Thus with hopeless hearts they had gathered the dead and fed them into the already burning fire that they would be returned to the land. Then, gathering their families’ arms and armor, Gruth and Trundar set off to warn the twin tribe across the world. Meanwhile Melikath would journey south to warn the rest of Returned Abeir that the relic they had guarded had been found and gruesomely killed his whole tribe, that the Empress Dragon would begin testing the relic on her own human slave, but in a few years, after mastering it, would turn her gaze south to test it upon the power that had protected the Sword Lands for so long.

However, goliaths not being native to the Sword Lands, he was met in towns with fear and prejudice, only the former keeping him safe. Not even having a chance to warn the people, he roamed onwards. Then, one night, a small cloaked figure joined him at the fire. Pushing back his hood, the figure revealed himself a blond human, with lightning in his eyes and thunder in his voice as he spoke of a group of people, Lucrative Justice. Two towns further south, it was a group who would take him in, give him a home in Autumn’s Deep, They would be the only ones in this land to listen to him, look to the north, and prepare for what was to come. With these words, the man stood, took the last of the rabbit that had sat their while he spoke, and strode off into the dark, silloutted with his silk robes flowing behind him, tearing into the rabbit as he vanished into the northern night.

Thus Melikath went to Autumns Deep, and today found himself uncomfortably cramped in the enormous, half-full guild hall of Lucrative Justice. With the squeel of the benches on stone as the whole room came to their feet at the end of Borios announcement, he shook himself out of his reverie and strode forward. For he had found a people who cared about honor as much as his tribe had. These were the only people in this land that cared, and he would stand with them.


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